Happy 3 Year Anniversary, Little Lamb’s Daycare!

Happy 3 Year Anniversary, Little Lamb’s Daycare!

As they say, the third time is a charm! I would like to take this phenomenal opportunity and great pleasure on announcing Little Lamb’s Daycare’s 3rd year of business! The grind is for sure real!

I will be forever grateful for the many fun filled memories the centre has brought into my life so far. This hustle only continues to push me so I can look forward to the many more exciting moments to come with all of my mini students.

A very special thank you goes out to all of my past to existing clients – you are what makes Little Lamb’s Daycare a unit of a family. Thank you once again!

To my personal inner circle of loving family and friends – thank you for being extremely patient with me and understanding my hectic schedule whenever you ask to see me. Just remember that, I will always make time for you!

Last but not least, to my past and current staff team; Miss Jereza, Miss Carli, Miss Taylor & Miss Cheyenne – you are what makes this centre full of life and for that, I could never thank you quite enough. I love you!

The photo shown up above was taken during our afternoon snack time session in the kitchen eating area.